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But first a little background: when I first began covering cars, the assessment of in-car entertainment was wrapped up in a neat paragraph at the end of the review, almost like an afterthought in comparison to ride and handling, fuel economy, and showy 0–60 mile per hour times.

These systems weren’t standard, but packaged as more expensive options.

Cadillac will begin selling its next-generation user experience system in the CTS next month, and it will soon be added to the 2018 XTS and ATS models.

Last week I traveled to Detroit, deep into the windowless basement operations of GM’s Renaissance Center headquarters, to check out the new system ahead of its official launch.

Rear-seat passengers in particular benefit from the new dimensions.

They can look forward to 5.9 extra inches of legroom, 2.2 extra inches of elbow room, and 1.1 extra inches of shoulder room.

Lincoln will tell you its customers insisted that it return to old-school knobs and buttons.

Next to it, on the passenger side, is the familiar dash-mounted grab handle that dates back to the original 1979 G-Class.

The position of the air vents is also the same as in the original G.

Speaking of the air vents, you’ll notice they adopt an awesome jet turbine-style design similar to the air vents found in the latest E-Class Coupe.

The switchgear is also similar to what you find in the E Coupe, including the same touchpad and rotary dial controller combo.

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The seats comes with numerous convenience functions either as standard or available.

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