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While much of the work goes on to appear in monographs and journal articles, most of the work is also disseminated through the English Heritage Research Reports series – the database of reports can be searched at (try searching using the keywords radiocarbon dating or dendrochronology).Commissioned research can include work on English Heritage historic properties, designation casework, archaeological and characterisation projects.The largest current European collaboration is The Times of Their Lives, a project jointly run by Cardiff University and English Heritage that won €2.5m of European Research Council funding to develop a new dating framework for the Neolithic period: This builds on earlier ground-breaking work on the Neolithic in Britain and Ireland (Whittle, Healy and Bayliss, 2011 Gathering Time: Dating the Early Neolithic Enclosures of Southern Britain and Ireland).As Head of Intervention and Analysis, I manage a number of that provide expert advice on archaeology to English Heritage, commissioning and carrying out research in support of the organisation’s aims and objectives as set out in the National Heritage Protection Plan.This year’s Day of Archaeology saw me heading to London to take part in a meeting of the Scientific Dating team.This work has included a substantial programme of tree-ring dating coordinated by Cathy Tyers, and has resulted in new dates for a number of surviving roof and floor structures within this partially-roofed monument.We’ve recently received a revised report on the analysis of parts of the building by Wessex Archaeology, and we’ll be reading that with keen interest next week.

I also had to update the team on our Division’s response to last year’s staff survey and on developments with the Reports Series.Frankly the cat appears at the special request of Lorna Richardson.Exiled Glaswegian, working for Historic England (formerly English Heritage) as an archaeologist since 1985.The biggest development is, of course, the recent decision to split the organisation into two parts – a new charity, retaining the English Heritage name, to manage the historic properties, and a new service under the working name of National Heritage Protection Service, which will advise government on historic environment issues including heritage protection and designation.This change will have to be implemented by April 2015, by which time we will also have to absorb a further 10% cut to our grant-in-aid from government.

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