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Abril Gallardo, lead organizer for Living United for Change Arizona, talks about how the Trump administration's new guidelines on immigration enforcement affect DACA recipients.

Before midnight, after hours of protests outside the ICE office on North Central Avenue, federal vehicles left the facility, possibly with Garcia de Rayos inside.Jacqueline Rayos Garcia, 14, the daughter of Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, cries as she speaks to the press as her father, the husband of Guadalupe, who doesn't wish to be identified by name, comforts her, during a press conference speaking about Guadalupe outside ICE headquarters in Phoenix on Thursday, February 9, 2017.Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos was taken into custody on Wednesday and deported to Mexico on Thursday.Her family and supporters fear Garcia de Rayos, 36, may be deported quickly to Mexico.That, they say, would make her among the first casualties under a shift in policy by ICE under President Donald Trump.

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