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And always our chat would end with her crying and saying "aishite imasu*****chan I rav you so much sweet baby I missed you" over and over until we finally disconnect.Saeko is not very weak girl, she is actually a very strong and sensible young woman like myself (ahem), probably because we're both ariens (if horoscopes were true) except that she is deeply if not madly in love with me.Schau mal ganz tief in mein #Loch wenn ich die Lippen weit auseinander ziehe.Von Hinten stecke ich mir dann auch den Finger mit der #Noppenhülle in die Vagina.We talked as we have tea in our porch which was canopied with hanging vines.I learned that she just came from a concert in france and she was able to convice her troupe to make a stop over in london and arrange to have a mini concert for their english and japanese fans here.Very annoyed but felt very strange as my heart went racing, I felt excited and buzzing inside, still I brought out pepper spray taser and unsheath the katana Saeko sent me as an early christmas present.I tucked the taser and pepper spray in the back of my denim shorts and held the katana very tight I told my nephew to stay back as I unlocked the door.

I then remembered one of my nephews is there and looking at us, and I gently push her off." I whispered back, and again we kissed long hard and deep. She unzipped and pulled off my denim shorts and she smiled as I too was wearing the striped hello kitty skivvies she gave me at that time. I again saw her lovely boobies with their cute milk chocolate bon bon like nipples "gawd you're so beautiful Saeko" I whispered as I fondled her titties. I kept saying while she sucked licked and nibbled my boobies very hard.She slowly lifted my shirt up exposing my titties as I am not wearing any bra at that time. It was quite chilly that afternoon and my nipples were already stiff and she made them even stiffer.She would send me stuffs from japan and also dvds of her concerts and other activities, and I would do the same and also sending her videos of my photo shoots and other activities and also my favorite teddy my mum gave when I was a wee little girl (Until now we still keep in touch though she already has a boyfriend, a cute japanese guy who is a front man of a very popular rockband there).Saeko and I would sometimes engage in sexy video chatting whenever she had the chance, she would always send a text message "baby I missed you, I'm alone" and we will chat with video and mic on sometimes for hours,we would touch ourselves fully naked while we sexchat and sometimes I will let her watch as I rub myself on a big hairy stuff toy she sent me.

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