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In Tenoroc's hands, Samuel Hatter's invention could be corrupted and turned into a deadly weapon, so Matt must take to the skies in an awesome aerial duel.

In India, it airs, Monday to Thursday, in 4 languages: English, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil.Matt must prevent the mighty Cyclops using the Hammer to obliterate the Sea of Sands.Time is running out, but Gomez – for once – is up for the fight, having armed himself with a secret weapon from the mysterious Keepers' Cave.In order to bring the Multiverse to its knees, Lord Tenoroc sends the small but deadly Gangster Bug to stink up the airways.He heads to the Enchanted Forest where Matt needs to shrink down to the size of a cockroach to bust up Gangster Bug before he busts up the entire multiverse.

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